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What We Do & How We Help (Webinar)

Serving As Your Financial Guide Through Life’s Ride

Join us in this exclusive webinar as I reveal how we help busy professionals just like you gain control of their finances without adding more work to their busy schedules. We’ll pull back the curtain and unveil: 

  • What we do (& who we serve best)
  • A step-by-step guide on what to expect when you work with us 
  • What sets us apart from other firms (& why we’re uniquely qualified to help you accomplish your financial goals)

In my 25+ years as a retirement planning specialist, I’ve seen nearly every financial situation imaginable. My mission is to guide you toward financial security, so you can live a happy and successful retirement. 

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Philip A. Board MSFS, CFS 
President & CEO 
Upland, CA



From his earliest days as a financial advisor, Philip Board has been committed to serving clients with great care, by offering personalized attention, relying on lessons he learned from his father, and always delivering with humility...

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