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Alina Leon Director of Operations

Alina Leon 
Director of Operations

Alina enjoys solving a variety of complex problems with creative solutions. She serves as the go-between for her clients and various government entities. In this role, Alina acts on behalf of the best interest of her clients and their unique needs. Therefore part of her job is to stay current with ever-changing governmental rules and regulations. It’s challenging work that Alina truly enjoys because it consistently allows her to put her problem-solving skills to good use.

In her free time, Alina likes to maintain an active lifestyle with her husband and they enjoy a number of outdoor activities together. On any given weekend you can usually find her hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, or snowboarding. She also enjoys horseback riding, and has been competing from a young age. A lover of travel, Alina also hopes to one day visit every state and national park in the union.