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Red Carpet Services

We deliver personal, 1 on 1 attention to help optimize your overall financial picture and plan for the future. Our comprehensive wealth management services include planning, investment management, and ongoing advice and strategies to keep you on track.

Medi-Cal Benefits

We help seniors who need long-term care qualify for Medi-Cal benefits. 

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We understand the many concerns individuals and families face as they begin to plan for long-term care. There are challenging financial and legal decisions that occur as a loved one requires ongoing care. While there are many federal and state benefit programs that are designed to provide assistance, far too many people fail to fully grasp how these programs function and what is required for eligibility.

The mission of Medi-Cal Benefits is to work closely with clients to make sure they understand the many legal options to protect assets systematically and qualify for benefits that will help pay for long-term care. Through our comprehensive approach, we develop customized strategies that address clients’ individual needs and goals.

Our Red Carpet Process