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Hancock Vitality

A Life Insurance Program that Rewards Active and Healthy Living

If you’re like me, you love staying active, fit, and healthy. Whether I’m cycling or just taking a walk around my neighborhood, exercise helps restore my energy and reduce any stress I may be feeling.

Not too long ago, an online advertisement caught my attention. It said something along the lines of: “If you know what these numbers mean — 2.2, 112, 26.2 — you may qualify for a discount on your life insurance.” Knowing these numbers referenced the distance for swimming, biking, and running in an Ironman Triathlon, I was curious to learn more. That was when I discovered Hancock Vitality.

John Hancock Life Insurance with Vitality rewards policyholders for the healthy foods they purchase at the grocery store. You can earn savings of up to 15% on your annual life insurance premiums per year simply by making smart and healthy choices. If you are active and passionate about your health, this program may be an appropriate fit for you.

Check out the videos below regarding this program. If you’d like to learn more about Hancock Vitality, or have questions about your current life insurance policy, contact my office today by calling 909-981-1720 or emailing