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July 14, 2015


I hope you're enjoying your summer and have spent some time with your family and friends. My wife, Patricia, I along with our adopted Chinese daughter Emma, now almost 6, will be leaving for China on July 15th. I'll be returning to work on August 3rd.   When we return from China we'll have one more family member, a little girl we've named Lily, she's 3-1/2 years old.  We're very excited to meet her and have her be our daughter and Emma's sister.  Here's one of the few pictures we have of her.

Also on the theme of expanding.  Isahi in our office recently celebrated her 10 year work anniversary with us. She is currently studying for her Securities Exam called Series 7.  In addition to expanding her knowledge, she is also expanding physically, just a little every day.  She's expecting her second child in January.  We're very excited for her and her family.  Don't ask her if it's a boy or girl, she's keeping quiet on that until she's ready to reveal.    

 More expanding:  

Our office space. We have entered into a lease for the space immediately next door to our existing suite. The goal is to provide private meeting space for both David Espinosa and any future advisors that come to work with us. 

We’ll also be utilizing this space to provide meeting space for my CPA to come into our office and conduct year-end tax reviews, a time when you can actually make changes to your tax outcome.   If you’re interested please email or call us and let us know you’d like to come in and we’ll reach out to you to find a convenient time in November. 

But wait there’s more; We will be offering Estate Planning & trust implementation to our client and their friends.  The reason for conducting this in office is because if you work with us, we know where your assets are and I usually have a pretty good idea about the level of planning you need.  This helps keep the cost down and convenient for you.  A lawyer will do the work, as I cannot and will not practice law.     

 More Value: 

We have formed a relationship with a college planning specialist. She’ll work with us to conduct workshops and meet with our clients and their friends with college age children to best help them both get into the best school for their desired career and the most cost effective one for the desired outcome.   I’ve seen her work magic, if you’ve got a child or know someone with a child in 9th-12th grade, you need to reach out to us to schedule a meeting.   

 Still more: 

Someone in the office is becoming a Notary, Classes have been taken and tests scheduled.  We eagerly await the outcome.  Once the passing grade is attained, we’ll be able to offer notary services for our clients.   

Advertising & Marketing: 

Again on the subject of expansion, if you’ve not visited our website this year you may not have seen it’s updated look.  Take it for a spin at    

If you’re reading this on your mobile device visit your appropriate app store and search “1 on 1 financial” and download our app.  It makes it easy and convenient for you to get in touch with us.  Plus there are loads of interesting short videos to see.  (interesting might be a reach but I think they are)       

 Our latest endeavor:    

VIDEO!  Yes you’re reading words written by a STAR… no autographs please ;-) 

Check this out:

If you like them, share them.  

 But that’s all we have for now.   We look forward to seeing you with all of our expansion in August and beyond. 

 Thank you for your time from all of us at 1on1financial, “It’s a beautiful day”