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We Have A Podcast!

We Have A Podcast!

November 05, 2019

At 1on1financial, we are passionate about equipping people with the knowledge and tools they need to make smart financial decisions and achieve their ideal financial future. Most of you live on-the-go lives and need that information given to you when it’s convenient, in a way that’s convenient. That’s why we have jumped on the podcasting train and are now delivering valuable financial content to you through your earbuds!

Anytime, anywhere, you can listen to our show with just a couple of clicks. We invite you to subscribe to Financial Fitness with 1on1financial on your podcast app or listen through our website. We’ll cover timely and relevant financial topics, giving you insight and guidance on how to handle asset allocation, taxes, annuities, and more, all with the goal of optimizing your financial life! 

Be sure to rate and review the podcast and give us your feedback so we can continue providing material you want to hear! 

For even more resources, check out our blog, reach out to us at 909-981-1720, or simply click here to schedule a free 15-minute introductory phone call!

About Philip

Philip A. Board MSFS, CFS, is a retirement planning specialist and the founder of 1on1financial, an independent comprehensive investment firm serving individuals and businesses throughout the United States. He is also the owner and CEO of Medi-cal Benefits.