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Philip Board Presents At Centaurus Quantum Leap Workshops!

Philip Board Presents At Centaurus Quantum Leap Workshops!

May 30, 2019

It’s no secret that our team here at 1on1 Financial is passionate about education, especially when it comes to growing in our own knowledge so we can better serve you. And we’re proud to say that our founder, Philip Board, leads the charge in this mission. Philip recently had the opportunity to present at the Centaurus Quantum Leap Workshops, both in Long Beach, California, and Reston, Virginia.

What Are The Quantum Leap Workshops?

The Centaurus Quantum Leap Workshops are an opportunity for financial advisors and industry experts to gather together and increase their knowledge, as well as network with other financial professionals. Philip had the opportunity to share his expertise and speak on “Scalability: Using Processes to Earn More and Work Less.” Between the two workshops, our whole team at 1on1 Financial was able to attend, including three other representatives Philip oversees. Take a look at the moments we captured!

We hope you enjoyed seeing what we’ve been up to as we expand our industry knowledge and strive to serve our clients as best as we possibly can. To learn more about what 1on1 Financial does and how we can help you, call our office today at 909-981-1720 or simply click here to schedule a free 15-minute introductory phone call!

About Philip

Philip A. Board MSFS, CFS, is a retirement planning specialist and the founder of 1on1financial, an independent comprehensive investment firm serving individuals and businesses throughout the United States. He is also the owner and CEO of Medi-cal Benefits.