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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Process

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Process

September 08, 2017

A personalized financial and investment strategy can provide a powerful tool in helping you take action toward reaching your long-term goals. For many, working through the financial planning and investment process for the first time serves as a powerful step they can take toward financial confidence.

Many people ask us what they can expect from the financial planning process, so I’m going to shed a little light on what it’s like working with us.

What Can I Expect to Get Out of the Planning Process?

A good plan should give you a detailed, comprehensive snapshot of your current financial situation, a thorough modeling of where you want to be, and what actions you need to take to reach those goals. There are many moving parts to a good financial plan and, through the planning process, you should gain an understanding of how those things function and relate to one another. We have a clear process set in place to help us understand your goals and develop appropriate and personalized recommendations.

What’s Your Approach to Investing?

We believe in performance driven by the long-term movement of the market. We want to help our clients prepare for any market environment because you can’t predict the short-term movements.

We offer a holistic approach: the Market Movement Strategy, which combines tactical (performs well in sideways markets), diversified (performs well in sharp downturns), and strategic allocation (does well with upward markets) strategies. We prepare clients for many different markets based on their risk tolerance.

How Do You Help Me with Investing?

Once we identify your goals, values, dreams, concerns and challenges, we work on developing your investment strategy development. This includes determining your risk tolerance, analyzing your current investment portfolio, and developing and constructing your recommended portfolio.

We formally present our recommended investment strategy to you and help you understand your options before executing the strategy with which you feel most comfortable. From there, we help you setup your accounts, understand your financial statements, and regularly meet to review your portfolio and make adjustments as needed.

How Do My Other Financial Planning Needs Factor Into My Investment Strategy?

Along with your investment strategy, we provide a comprehensive and integrated wealth management plan. This includes retirement planning, credit and lending, insurance, education planning, business succession planning, estate planning, charitable giving, and family legacy planning.

We also offer a written financial plan for those clients who need more in depth planning, and we can set up individual, Joint, Trust, IRA, Roth IRA, Beneficial IRA, Sep IRA, College 529, Utma as well as other accounts as needed.

Does Financial Planning Just Show Me How Much I Need to Save and Invest?

While your income, investments, and savings play a big part in crafting an effective plan, there are other things that impact your financial situation. Your plan should include a thoughtful account of the things you want to see protected. Protection planning involves looking at suitable insurance protections for life, businesses, disability income, and long-term care.

Additionally, you may want to leave a legacy for your loved ones or an organization in whose cause you strongly believe. Estate or legacy planning boils down to you clearly articulating how you want things to look once you’re gone. And, for many, this part of the plan can be the link that ties together all the other important facets of planning.

What Sets Your Process Apart From Other Firms?

We believe in the “sell-side discipline” rather than “buy-and-hold” strategy, and that our sell-side discipline helps clients get out early on an extended decline, possibly saving years of recovery. Through our investment services, we set triggers for our clients’ portfolios, which we monitor to help us determine when it may be time to sell a particular investment.

In addition to our disciplined investment philosophy, we stand out from our competition due to our systematic team approach to client care. We have dedicated people in our office who use their unique skill set to improve the level of service we provide you. This team approach prevents your advisor from spending hours dealing with beneficiary updates or check requests. Instead, your advisor manages your investments and concentrates on your unique plan.

As a client, you will benefit from our commitment to serving you as we would serve our own family. Our success is built upon developing lasting, meaningful relationships based on trust, integrity and superior service.

Learn More About Our Process

We take pride in our unbiased investment approach and know our clients appreciate our transparency and honesty. We work hard to build relationships where clients can lean on us and feel like a part of our family.

If you’d like to learn more about how our process works, call us at 909-981-1720 for a complimentary consultation.

About Philip

Philip A. Board MSFS, CFS, is a retirement planning specialist and the founder of 1on1financial, an independent comprehensive investment firm serving individuals and businesses near Upland, California. Through educational workshops and a non-sales environment, 1on1financial specializes in working with employees of Southern California Edison, UPS, Esri and Verizon.