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A Different Approach to Investing

We don’t believe that average investment strategies are okay. There is a widely held perception that investors are better off in passive investments and settling for average outcomes. We want to help our clients generate greater wealth at a lower risk. We find that the typical “buy and hold” strategy may not be an effective approach to managing a larger investment portfolio. 

At 1 On 1 Financial, we have the vision and humility to implement changes as the economic climate changes. When markets trend down for long periods of time, so do your investments. We believe that our active and tactical approach helps you get out early on an extended decline, possibly saving you years of recovery.

Our investment strategy won’t guarantee that you will make money or that we will outperform our given benchmark. But we can assure you that we will constantly evaluate your portfolio in an effort to find opportunities and alternatives.

How much risk is in your portfolio? Many people are not sure how much risk they are taking with their investments. Watch the video below to learn more.

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